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At Nielsen, we're all about the understanding of Internet trends. As a participant in Nielsen Digital Voice, our online measurement panel, your voice is heard. Your everyday online routines help us understand how people use the Internet to power their lives at home and work. Just by using the Internet, you can contribute to valuable research that literally helps shape the future of the Internet.

And as part of our panel, you'll have multiple opportunities to win significant cash prizes every single month!

It's as Easy as One, Two, Three
It's easy to participate: by installing a safe, secure piece of software on your computer and sharing a little bit of information about yourself, you'll not only be contributing to important research, you'll be eligible to win cash prizes every single month.

Worried about Privacy or Computer Bugs?
These days, everyone is worried about their privacy or computer viruses. That's why we take your security very seriously. We protect your privacy and the security of the data we collect, and we don't share, rent or otherwise reveal any of your personal information to anyone, ever. You can also count on the safety and security of our software. We want you to know you can rely on the trusted Nielsen name. More questions? View our privacy policyor read our FAQ.

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As part of our panel, you contribute to insights about the Internet every single day. Here's the latest Nielsen News of the Net:

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4G Phones are Here, but are U.S. Consumers Ready?
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Factsheet: The U.S. Media Universe
From smartphones to 3D televisions, The Nielsen Company provides a view of the device usage and audiences...

CES Podcast: Pete Blackshaw on Consumer Engagement
Pete Blackshaw is the Chief Marketing Officer of NM Incite, a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey. In this conversation...

Apple Leads Smartphone Race, while Android Attracts Most Recent Customers
The race for the lead in U.S. smartphone operating system (OS) consumer market share is tighter than...

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